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Contents: The Glückstalers in New Russia, the Soviet Union and North America

Introduction —— 1
by Homer Rudolf
Glückstal Colonies Research Association History ——3
by Margaret Freeman
A Brief History of New Russia and Bessarabia Germans in Poland —— 11
by Thomas A. Stangl
Ancestral Tides in Hungary —— 19
by James D. Klein, Jr.
Emigrations to New Russia —— 77
by Thomas A. Stangl
The Resettlement of Kassel Colonist Heinrich Ehly —— 113
translated by Allyn Brosz
Emigrants to America 1872–1874 —— 117
by Thomas A. Stangl
[with translations by Donn Koenig, Serge Yelizarov, and Homer Rudolf]
Model Farmers, Master Shepherds, Craftsmen and Secretaries from the Glückstal Colonies —— 149
by Thomas A. Stangl
State Archives of the Odessa Region — Selected Documents —— 173
commentary, transcriptions & translations from German Script by Thomas A. Stangl
translations of Russian Staff Reports by Donn Koenig
Neu Beresina —— 201
by Michael Rempfer
Concerning the Sexton or Deputy Pastor (Küster) and His Office —— 203
by Albert Rüb
translated by Allyn Brosz
Alphabetical List of Glückstal Colonies Inhabitants —— 207
edited by Thomas A. Stangl
My Memoirs of Early Pioneer Days in Dakota Territory and South Dakota —— 301
by Daniel D. Opp (1872–1956)
submitted by Selma Lapp
The Passport of Joseph Kapp of 1901 is also a Brauche Document —— 317
by Homer Rudolf
An Outbreak of Cholera at Yankton, Dakota Territory, in 1873 and Its Impact on German Immigrants Newly Arrived from Russia —— 325
introductory and concluding comments by Allyn Brosz
The 75th Jubilee Celebration of Kassel Reformed Parish, Menno, SD —— 329
translation and commentary by Homer Rudolf
John J. Hoffmann —— 345
extracted by Margaret Freeman
Hon. John W. Wittmayer —— 347
extracted by Margaret Freeman
Siffermann–Scheuffele Families —— 351
by Mary-Lynne Harding
Newly Purchased Boot Serves As Shoe For Lame Oxen —— 359
contributed by Herbert Thurn
My Roosisha Grossmutter —— 361
by Elisabeth Egeland Hovland
My Toxic Great-Great Grandmother: Elizabeth Schmidt Fauth-Fauth-Fauth! —— 365
by Lynn Fauth
Jacob Bittner: Farmer, Merchant, School Board President, and North Dakota State Legislator —— 369
by Duane W. Bittner
George L. Wolf – Auction Sales Reports —— 373
by Cheryl (Buechler) Schumacher
Recollections —— 377
by Rosina (Kranzler) Job
translated by Selma Lapp
Memories of Wing, North Dakota —— 379
by Patricia Mueller Chapman
Edwin Buechler, WW II Prisoner of War February 1943–May 1945 —— 381
by his daughter, Cheryl (Buechler) Schumacher
Music of the Glückstalers —— 385
by Homer Rudolf
The Wandering Quilt —— 397
by Margaret Freeman
Mabel Junkert Fischer, also known as “Brazillia” 401
by Margaret Freeman
Viola Frey —— 403
by Margaret Freeman
My Family History —— 405
by Marsha Haefner
edited and annotated by John W. Teske
The Great Terror in Odessa Province, 1937–1938 —— 409
by Harold Ehrman 
Whispers in the Grass —— 453
by Gerda Fadden
The Children of Barrack 20 (Reunion after 59 Years) —— 463
by Alita Kussmaul Frank
translated by Gerda Fadden
March of Destiny of our Mother —— 467
by Helmut Mayer
translated by Margaret Freeman and Homer Rudolf
My Memories of Kassel —— 487
by Melita (Martel) Kärcher
translated by Alex Herzog
My Family —— 545
by Luise Knorr
translated by Margaret Freeman and Homer Rudolf
My Life Story —— 547
by Rosina (Hettich) Tilitzky, born July 1, 1923, in Klein Bergdorf
translated by Margaret Freeman and Homer Rudolf
Introduction to the Resident Lists and Maps of the Glückstal Mother and Daughter Colonies — Pre-1944 —— 549
by Homer Rudolf
Village Maps —— 573
scanned by Homer Rudolf, edited by Harold Ehrman
Light Side, Dark Side —— 609
by Janice Huber Stangl
Visits to the Glückstal Colonies —— 627
by Harley D. Miller, Dianne May Wheeler Ladd, James D. Klein Jr. and Derek Rowe 
Komm und Essen 663
by Ranee Gienger
State Archives of the Odessa Region Church Records —— 679
by Barbara Geiger Horn
Evelyn Cameron, Pioneer Photographer in Eastern Montana —— 685
by Homer Rudolf
Bicentennial Book Table of Contents (Revised) —— 697
Bicentennial Book Illustrations —— 699
Bicentennial Book Place Index —— 703
Bicentennial Book Name Index —— 719
Glückstal Bicentennial Disc 1 Contents —— 734
Glückstal Bicentennial Disc 2 Contents —— 735
Index —— 736

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