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The Glückstal Colonies Research Association Newsletter has been published twice a year since 1987.

There is a wealth of information about your Glückstal Colonies ancestors in these past newsletters. Updated indexes are now available to help with your research. Once you find the issues with the articles or surnames you're researching, you may purchase those issues from GCRA by contacting Duane Stabler.

The Article Listing, Sorted by Issue, Volumes 1-33 is an updated listing of all the articles in volumes 1-33. Whenever credited in the Newsletter, the author is also cited. The list was originally compiled by Homer Rudolf (2009) and updated by Bob Schauer (2021).

Each Newsletter has a surname index. There are two new indexes of articles that are sorted by surname. The first is the Newsletter Surname Index, Sorted by Surname, Volumes 1-33. This index is sorted by surname and references in which issue and on which page numbers you'll find the surname. The second is the Newsletter Surname Index, Sorted by Issue, Volumes 1-33. This index is sorted first by issue and then by surnames appearing in that issue, including the page numbers on which you'll find the surname. 

You are free to use and distribute these document to others for personal research purposes. Original issues of the Newsletter, however, must be purchased from the GCRA. Copying and distributing the Newsletter is prohibited without the express consent of the GCRA.

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