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GCRA's MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs) Extractions are now available on the Glückstal Colonies Research Association's 2021 Data Drive. See Store for purchase options. 

The "MVD File Extractions Concerning Individuals/Families Who Were Relocated During the Repression Years" is a collection of extracted and translated records of those who remained in Russia after the Russian Revolution who were later required to relocate to other areas of Russia. The “specially resettled” is the category of those who were deported/exiled, often “en masse”, from their places of permanent residence, deprived of property, and sent to special resettlements situated in remote regions of the USSR for compulsory labor.

GCRA contracted a team in Ukraine to obtain, extract, and translate the material. Individuals and families included were from Glückstal, Hoffnungstal, Beresan, Liebental and a few from Kutschurgan. Included are the following: 

        1. MVD Listings in Alphabetical Order separated into enclaves (Beresan, Hoffnungstal/Glückstal, and Liebental).
        2. MVD Family Listings separated into enclaves (Beresan, Hoffnungstal/Glückstal, and Liebental).
        3. MVD Lists of Families. This list groups family members together with birth places and regions of exile. 
        4. MVD Names. All surnames sorted alphabetically. (View an index of the surnames in this file here.)
        5. MVD Places. All surnames sorted by individual's birth location.
        6. Odessa families sent to Chischinau, Moldova. This list contains families who were not sent east but rather were relocated to Chischinau, Bessarabia (now Moldova). (View an index of the surnames in this file here.)
        7. Special Settlement Locations. All locations sorted by place name, including coordinates). 

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