Colonies/Colonists List

Lists of German-Russian Settlements & Early Settlers In Russia, North America & South America

Compiled by Homer Rudolf


Areas of Origin:

“Families of Alsatian Origin” [table], 
—— in [HeightM], pp. 107-119.

Giesinger, Adam. “The Germans who migrated to Russia via Poland,”
—— in [AHSGR-J], 4/3, 1981, pp. 31-39.

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—— in [Heimatbuch], 1967-68, pp. 106-111.

Stumpp, Karl. Ostwanderung der Württemberger, Summary, Tables 1-24 and Table on pp. 132-204 – 4 files compiled by Dale Wahl. [The Stumpp Tables are extracted from material in the Georg Leibbrandt book of the same title],
—— on [Odessa3] / Collections / Immigration, Migration, Naturalization, and Ship Records.

Stumpp, Karl. "Weiterwanderung deutscher Kolonisten aus Ungarn (Batschka) und dem Banat nach Südrussland in den Jahren 1804-1816," Sonderdruck Südostdeutsches Archiv, 1976-77, (19-20), 70-85. 

Lists of Colonies in Russia:

[List of mother colony groups, 1763-1822], 
—— in [Stach], p. 24-25.

“Übersichtstabelle’ [Overview Table for Settlement Areas, giving population and land in Hektars], 
—— in [Hummel], p. 38.

Bauer, Armand. “Place Names of German Colonies in Russia and the Rumanian Dobrudja,” 
—— in [Sallet], pp. 130-183.

Giesinger, Adam. From Catherine to Kkruschev: The Story of Russia's Germans. Lincoln, 
Nebr: AHSGR, 1981. [Note: includes lists and maps of colonies]

Mertens, Ulrich. “Orte” [An alphabetical listing of German-Russian settlements in Russia, identifying their location, founding year, religious affiliation, amount of land owned or rented, and population figures – as well as “see references” from variant forms of the name of the settlement], in his Handbuch Russland-Deutsche: Ein Nachschlagewerk zur russland-deutschen und deutsch-russischen Geschichte und Kultur (mit Ortsverzeicnis ehemaliger Siedlungsgebiete, Nürnberg: HFDR, 2001, pp.. 210-556. [NOTE: An English-language version in is process by the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo, ND.]

Renz, Curt. “An Index of [Armand Bauer’s list of] German, Russian and Rumanian Villages, found in Russian-German Settlements in the United States, by Richard Sallet,” [self-published].

[List of Harmonies of Separatists], 
—— in [HeightM], p. 45.

St. Petersburg:

“Verzeichnis der Mutterkolonien bei Petersburg (Leningrad),” 
—— in [Stumpp], p. 66.

Black Sea Area:

Giesinger, Adam. "Villages in Which Our Forefathers Lived: Germans From Hungary in the Odessa Colonies," 
—— in [AHSGR-J], 3/1, 1980, pp. 6-10.

Height, Joseph S. "German-Russian Passport Records of 1808 and 1809: An Explication of Their Historical Significance," 
—— in [HR], 17, 1977, 4- 10.

“Verzeichnis der deutschen Kolonien im Schwarzmeergebiet” [listed by Provinces or Regions],
—— in [Hummel], pp. 78-124

Stumpp, Karl. “Verzeichnis der deutschen Siedlungen im Gebiet Odessa,” 
—— in [Heimatbuch],1956, pp. 182-193.

“Verzeichnis der Mutterkolonien (Primärsiedlungen) im Schwarzmeergebiet,” [Table of the Mother Colonies (Primary Settlements) in the Black Sea Region], 
—— in [Stumpp], pp. 85-99.

I        Bessarabien, pp. 85-87 [Bessarabia]
II       Odessa, früher Cherson, pp. 88-91 [Odessa, earlier Cherson].
         Schwedenkolonien, p. 91 [Swedish Colonies].
         Belowesch, p. 91.
III     Jekaterinoslaw (now Dniepropetrowsk), pp. 92-94.
IV     Taurien (now Saparoschje), pp. 95-97.
V      Berdjansk, p. 98.
VI     Krim, p. 98 [Crimea].
VII   Süd-Kauksus, p. 99 [South Caucasus].
VIII  Steusiedlungen, p. 99 [Scattered Colonies].

“German Colonies in the Black Sea Region – Kherson Government,” 
-in [Sallet], pp.132-134

“German Colonies in the Black Sea Region – Jekaterinoslav Government,” [now Saparoschje]
—— in [Sallet], pp. 135-138.

“German Colonies in the Black Sea Region – Taurien,” [Caucasus]
—— in [Sallet], pp. 139-140

“German Colonies in the Black Sea Region – Krim (Crimea),” 
—— in [Sallet], pp. 141-143.

“German Colonies in the Black Sea Region – Charkov Government,” 
—— in [Sallet], p. 144.

“German Colonies in the Black Sea Region – Don District,” 
—— in [Sallet], pp. 145-146.

“List of Former German Communities in Bessarabia,” 
—— in [Sallet], pp. 180-183.

“Statistical Table of the Colonies of South Russia and Bessarabia,” [including Jewish and Bulgarian Colonies], 
—— in [Keller], vol. 1, pp. 30-36. [Note: Primarily Mother Colonies. The only Glückstal Daughter Colony cited is Klein Neudorf ]

‘The Mother Colonies of ‘New Russia’ est. in the period 1804-1825,” 
—— in [HeightH], p. 11.
—— in [HeightM], p. 18.
—— in [HeightP], p. 5.

Stumpp, Karl. "The New Russian Names of the German Colonies in the Regions of Odessa," transl. by Joseph S. Height. 
—— in [HR], 17, April 1977, 29-30.


“Verzeichnis der deutschen Kolonien in Transkaukasien,” 
—— in [Hummel], pp.150-151.

“German Settlements in the South Kaukasus,” 
—— in [Sallet], pp. 178-179. 

Dobrudscha Area:

“Villages in the Dobrudscha with German Families in 1940,” 
—— in [Sallet], p. 171.

Volga Area:

“Verzeichnis der Wolgadeutschen Mutterkolonien,” 
—— in [Stumpp], pp. 67-77.

“Verzeichnis der deutschen Kolonien im Wolgagebiet,” 
—— in [Hummel], pp. 56-61.

“List of Volga colonies,” 
—— on the website:

“German Settlements in the Volga Region,” 
—— in [Sallet], pp. 147-161.

Volhynia Region:

“German Settlements in Ukrainian Volhynia,” 
—— in [Sallet], pp. 162-169.

“Cities in Volhynia with German Residents,” 
—— in [Sallet], p. 170.


Giesinger, Adam. “Daughter Colonies in Asiatic Russia,” 
—— in [AHSGR-J], 5/3, 1982, pp. 35-44.

Giesinger, Adam. “German Villages in the Omsk Region of Siberia,”
—— in [AHSGR-J], 5/4, 1982, pp. 25-28.

Daughter Colonies:

“Daughter Colonies in the Beresan Area.”
—— in [HeightP], p. 243.
“Daughter Colonies in the Kutschurgan Area,”
—— in [HeightP], p. 242.

German Settlements in the North Caucasus,”
—— in [Sallet], pp. 172-177

“Lutheran Evangelical Daughter-colonies in the Odessa Area” [table],
—— in [HeightH], p. 320.

“Die wichtigsten Tochterkolonien des Glückstal Gebietes” [Table - The most important daughter colonies of the Glückstal District],
—— in [Mack], p. 122.


“Table of Catholic Parishes near Odessa in 1820, when the Jesuits were expelled,” 
—— in [Keller], Vol 1, pp. 65-66.

“Statistical Survey of Lutheran Colonies Near Odessa” [to 1859, table], 
—— in [HeightH], p. 147

“Statistical Survey of Population Increase [of Lutheran Colonies] 1859-1943,” 
—— in [HeightH], p. 329

First/Pioneer Settler Lists:

Alphabetical index by Elli Wise of the immigrants to Russia, 1762-1862, – extracted from the original 1961 German-language edition of [Stumpp], 
—— on [Odessa3] / Collections / Immigration, Migration, Naturalization, and Ship Records

—— in [HeightH], pp. 79-80.

—— in [HeightM], p. 255.
–in [Bosch], p. 141.
Balzer/Volga Bergseite,
–in [Plum], pp. 102-105.

—— in [HeightH], p. 86.
—— in [Mack], pp. 98-100.

—— in [HeightP], p. 69.

—— in [Keller], vol. 1, pp. 203-204.
—— in [HeightP], p. 22.

—— in [HeightH], p. 82.

—— in [HeightH], pp. 83-84.
—— in [Mack], pp. 63-67.

Güldendorf [founded in 1850 by settlers from Stuttgart, Walterloo & Friedrichstal],
—— in [Stach], pp. 161-166.

—— in [HeightH], pp. 91, 96.
—— in [HeightH], pp 77-79.

—— in [HeightH], 90-91.

—— in [HeightH], pp. 89-90.

Josephstal on the Baraboi,
—— in [Keller], vol. 1, pp. 170-172.
—— in [HeightP], p. 20.

—— in [HeightP], pp. 67-68.

Kandel, Revisionlist, 1816
–in [Bosch], pp. 248-264.

Kandel list of residents drafter into the German Wehrmacht, 1943-44,
–in [Bosch], pp. 176-178.

—— in [Keller], vol.2, pp.170-183.
—— in [HeightP], p. 82.

—— in [HeightH], p. 87.
—— in [Mack], pp.113-116.

—— in [Keller], vol. 2, pp. 208-216. 
—— in [HeightP], p. 84.

—— in [Keller], vol. 1, pp. 129-131.
—— in [HeightP], p. 19.

—— in [HeightM], p. 246.

[Kutschurgan villagers killed by the Bolsheviks on 4 August 1919 – list]
in [Bosch], pp. 110-112

[Kutschurgan villagers banned as Kulaks, 1928-1932 - list]
–in [Bosch], pp. 118-120.

[Kutschurgan villagers arrested and taken away, 1937-1939 – list],
–in [Bosch], pp. 133-136.

—— in [Keller], vol. 2, pp. 23-44.
—— in [HeightP], pp. 78-79.

—— in [HeightH], pp. 81-82.

—— in [HeightP], pp. 69-70.

—— in [Keller], vol. 1, pp. 192-194. 
—— in [HeightP], p. 21.

—— in [Keller] vol. 2, pp. 263-267.
—— in [HeightP], p. 85.

—— in [HeightH], pp. 80-81.

—— in [HeightH], p. 85.
—— in [Mack], pp. 80-82.

—— in [HeightH], p. 83.

—— in [Keller], vol. 2, pp. 233-241. 
—— in [HeightP], p. 83.

—— in [HeightH], pp. 87-88.

—— in [HeightM], p. 246.

—— in [HeightP], pp. 65-66.

—— in [Keller], vol. 2, pp. 91-109. 
—— in [HeightP], pp. 79-80.

—— in [HeightP], p. 70.

—— in [Keller], vol. 2, pp. 126-136.
—— in [HeightP], p. 83.

—— in [HeightH], p. 90.

—— in [HeightH], pp. 88-89.

North America and South America

[Table citing the number of German, Russian and Hebrew immigrants from Russia to the U.S. from 1901-1913],
–in [Plum], p. 313

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Giesinger, Adam. “Germans From Russia in Western Canada,” 
—— in [AHSGR-W], no. 7, 1971, 37-42.

“From Kutschurgan to Saskatchewan: Alsatian Pioneers on the Prairie,”
—— in [HeightM], pp. 275-355.

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—— on the website:

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—— in [HR], no, 12, December 1975, 30-40.

Sallet, F. W. "Contributions toward a History of the German-Russian Settlements in North America (continued) —— collected by F. W. S. for the Dakota Freie Presse (Oct. 21, 1909), translated by La Vern Rippley, 
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—— in [HeightM], p. 304.


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