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Glückstal Family Web Sites

      • Bieber Family - This site contains information on Biebers from Russia.  It contains much of the work of the late Rev. Martin Bieber as well as other genealogy resources.
      • Boschee Family - Family news, photos, and family history of the Boschee and related families
      • Hoffer Family- Hoffer Genealogy Home Site: Family migration from Niederseebach / Weissenbourg, France to Neudorf/ Od. S. Russia to North Dakota, USA
      • Raile Family- Genealogy information about the Raile family.
      • Roll Family- Genealogy information about the Roll family - created by Mitch Roll

Germans from Russia Organizations & Genealogy Web Sites

      • American Historical Society of Germans From Russia (AHSGR) - An international organization dedicated to the discovery, collection, preservation, and dissemination of information related to the history, cultural heritage and genealogy of Germanic Settlers in the Russian Empire and their descendants."
      • Bessarabiendeutscher Verein e.V. (Bessarabian German Association) - A German organization in Stuttgart focused on Germans who settled in Bessarabia and Dobrudscha. 
      • Federation of East European Family History Societies (FEEFHS) - Central (German, Swiss) and East European genealogy site with an index of the over 800,000 Central and East European surnames, locations and other unique words in 5500+ files .
      • Germans From Russia Heritage Collection (GRHC) - The mission of the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is to collect, document, preserve, exhibit, translate, publish, promote and make accessible resources on the culture, history, folklore, foodways and textiles & clothing of the Germans from Russia, particularly Bessarabian Germans, Black Sea Germans, Crimean Germans, Dobrudscha Germans and Volhynian Germans and their descendants in North Dakota and the Northern Plains.
      • Germans From Russia Heritage Society (GRHS) - Its purpose is to bring together people who are interested in discovering the common history unique to Germanic-Russian ethnics and to preserve the many elements of their rich heritage.  The Society collects, lists, and catalogues published materials and personal documents that tell of the European migrations and exodus to the United States and Canada and also of the pioneer life on the plains.
      • Odessa3—A Germans-Russian Genealogical Library - Odessa Digital Library is a state-of-the-art, on-line, digital library supporting genealogical research focused on Germans from Russia. The Library provides a browsable and searchable repository of film indices and research documents that users may download and index in their own personal full text retrieval systems. All documents in the Library are copyrighted, but may be freely used for personal, nonprofit purposes.
      • Society of German Genealogy in Eastern Europe (SGGEE)SGGEE devoted to the study of those people with German ancestry who lived in present-day Poland and northwestern Ukraine. Special emphasis is placed on those who lived in the pre-WW I province of Volhynia (generally from the city of Kiev on the east to the present-day Polish border on the west) and on the pre-WW I region of central and eastern modern Poland known as Russian Poland or Congress Poland. 

Neighboring Empire Organizations & Genealogy Web Sites

Some Germans who went onto settle in the western part of the Russian Empire sometimes first settled in areas of the the Austro-Hungarian Empire. 

      • Bukovina Society of the Americas - From 1775 to 1918, Bukovina was in the easternmost crown land of the Austrian Empire, now divided between Romania and Ukraine. As a multi-ethnic province, its name has several spellings: Bukowina or Buchenland in German; Bukowina in Polish; Bucovina in Romanian; and Bukovyna in Ukrainian.
      • Donauschwaben Villages Helping HandsThe Danube Swabian/Donauschwaben society began during the Swabian Migrations that came to be known as "Der Grosse Schwabenzug" or "The Great Swabian Trek" which occurred in three intervals between the years 1722-1787.
      • Galizien German Descendants - Beginning in 1774 the rulers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire issued Settlement Charters which invited 'foreign' settlers into its newly acquired province of Galicia ('Galizien' in German). German settlers attracted by offers of transportation and special status emigrated from Germany to Galicia. This organization is dedicated to family history research of these German settlers and their descendants.

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