South Russia Railroad Map- 1880 [OdKal 1880]

"The greatest growth of long-distance railways in East Central Europe was during the 1860s and 1870s in the German and Austro-Hungarian empires, and to a lesser degree in the western regions of the Russian Empire." [Magocsi, p. 90]. Magocsi's Map 28, Canal and railway development before 1914, (p. 91) shows the railway stretch between L'viv and Ternopil' as completed in 1871 and the railway stretch between Ternopol' and Odessa as completed in 1875.

A daily train schedule appearing in the 1886 issue of the Odessa Kalendar indicates that emigrants leaving Odessa passed through:

, Wigoda, Kolontajewka, RasdelnajaWesselij Kut, Iwanowka, Satischje, Perekrestowo, Mardarowka, Tschubowka, Birsula, Borschtschi,   Krutije, Kodima, Popeljuchi, Krishopol, Wapnjarka, Jurkowka, Rachni, Jaroschenka and Shmerinka.

At Shmerinka, the railway continues NW towards Ternopol' and another railway goes to the NE towards Kiev.


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