Chutor Alexandrowka

Type of Settlement: Chutor

Founded: before 1860

Religion: unknown

Wolost: Glückstal

District: Tiraspol

Province: Cherson

Other Names and Spellings:

Also: Suworowo

Current Name:

Place no longer exists.


47.5400, 30.0500

History of the Chutor

Chutor Alexandrowka appeared on maps by name as early as 1860. It was situated less than one mile east of Novo Alexandrovka. The chutor did not appear on maps after 1918.

The Odessa Kalendar [OdKal] listed the chutor in the Glückstal Wolost, and presumably also listed the name Suworowo. That name Suworowo has not been found on period maps in this location.

This place name does not appear on the Stumpp map [StumppMOd], in Mertens' German-Russian Handbook [Mertens], nor does it appear in the the GCRA Points-of-Origin [Glückstal-2021]. Aside from its listing in the Odessa Kalendar [OdKal] as being in the Glückstal Wolost in the years 1897-1898 and 1900-1903, there is no other evidence of Germans having lived in this chutor and no surnames associated with it. Perhaps it was only in these brief years when Glückstalers farmed this chutor. The decreasing amount of land did not bode well for it. Perhaps more evidence will be found in time to add to the story.


Year Pop.

1897 44

1898 42

1900 25

1901 46

1902 47

1903 23


1897 — 630 dessiatins of land

1901 500 dessiatins of land

1903 276 dessiatins of land


1918Chutor Alexandrowka on an Austrian military map of central Russia. [Retromap-1918-1419182]


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