Chutor Balitski

Type of Settlement: Chutor

Founded: Earliest habitation 1888

Religion: Lutheran

Wolost: ?

District: Tiraspol

Province: Cherson

Other Names and Spellings:

Also: Saratow, Balditsky, Balizki, Badełowa, and in EWZ records it is also called Frunsowka.

Current Name:

Place no longer exists.


47.5079, 29.6335

History of the Chutor

Little is known about Chutor Balitski. It was founded on leased land. Mertens notes that it was a part of the Bergdorf parish [Mertens, p. 262], but [Glückstal-2004, p. 129] states that the Odessa Kalender [OdKal] did not have it listed in the Bergdorf parish.

The chutor does not appear maps until 1910 [with 1891 data] as Badełowa [Vlasenko, 47-47]. Later it shows up as "Saratow" on a 1941 Red Army map [Retromap-1940-14194016] However, in EWZ records of the same time period, the location is also called Frunsowka [BSGR,]. Mertens states it may have also been called Frunse, but no other sources have been found to verify this.


The earliest date mentioned for a birth/baptism in Chutor Balitski (Saratow) is 1888. The GCRA Points-of-Origin [Glückstal-2021] notes births/baptisms for the following surnames and years: Benz (1888), Rau (1903), Reiker (1905), Rohrbach (1903, 1905, 1907), and Krein (1915).

The EWZ files in the Black Sea German Research [BSGR] database echo the Points-of-Origin and also link the families to other Glückstal colonies:

Surname Colonies mentioned in EWZ records in addition to Frunsowka

Benz, Graf, Merkel Neudorf, Sofiental

Heckel, Meule, Laitenberger Neudorf, Klein Bergdorf, Wilhelmsaue

Kirschmann, Graf, Matheis Neudorf, Hermannstal, Seebach

Laitenberger, Rieger Wilhelmsaue, Eigenfeld

Laitenberger, Flemmer, Adam Bergdorf, Glückstal, Neudorf, Hermannstal

Pollinger, Ormann, Malizki Neudorf, Zeprikova, Schimjotowo, Rasckow

Schnable, Ohrmann, Paulin Friedenstal, Hoffnungstal, Glückstal

Stroh, Neufer, Schmidt, Kuehlbauch, Baumann Neudorf, Marienberg, Friedental, Seebach

Zentler, Jareckes Neudorf

The colony plat map (see below) lists the following people living in the colony as of about 1943. What is listed is what appears on the map, including duplicates and name spelling variations.

Adam, Christina

Adam, Salme

Aleksander, Johann

Aloschin, Andreas

Aloschin, Dora

Aloschin, Friedrich

Aloschin, Friedrich

Aloschin, Nikolaus

Benz, August

Benz, Jakob

Benz, Jakob

Dobler, Jakob

Geib, Alfred

Geib, Karl

Göhring, Audust

Göhring, Gotlieb

Göhring, Gotlieb

Göhring, Jacob

Göhring, Johann

Göhring, Martin

Götz, Filiph

Götz, Karl

Holand, Samuel

Keller, Adolf

Keller, David

Keller, Ferdinand

Kirschmann, Christian

Kirschmann, Friedrich

Kirschmann, Jakob

Kirschmann, Ludwig

Kirschmann, Rosa

Kurkudenko, Jakob

Kurkudenko, Johann

Lämmle, Filiph

Lämmle, Jacob

Lämmle, Johannes

Lämmle, Wilhelm

Pfeifer, Amalia

Rauh, Lidya

Scheiffele, Emil

Schmidt, Filiph

Schmidt, Friedrich

Schmidt, Reinhold


Schwindt, Christian

Schwindt, Filiph

Schwindt, Ludwig

Singer, Adam

Singer, Johannes

Stroh, August

Stroh, Jakob

Stroh, Johann

Stroh, Ludwig

Stroh, Ludwig

Teske, Friedrich

Teske, Johnatan

Teske, Josef

Teske, Wilhelmina

Wolf, Friedrich

Zelmer, Adolf

Zitke (school teacher)


Year Pop.

1897 44

1898 42

1900 25

1901 46

1902 47

1903 23


1897 — 630 dessiatins of land

1901 — 500 dessiatins of land

1903 — 276 dessiatins of land


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