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Settlements in Russia, North America & South America

The following is a source list of settlements and early settlers in Russia, North America and South America. The sources cited with the notation "—— in [...]" are listed in alphabetical order in the bibliography at the end of this page.

This list was created in 2009, and some of the website URLs have changed or are now non-existent. While editing and updating this list, archived links in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine were used to allow you to see the snapshots of the "historical" links rather than just leaving the dead link text. Those URLs are noted with (archived link) next to to the original link. Archived links are in the English language unless otherwise stated. It should be noted that Wayback Machine snapshots captured text reliably, but it didn't always capture all of the images or externally linked files (PDFs, etc.) on a webpage. If an archived link has no useful information, (dead link) is noted next to it. You may be able to find the information elsewhere.

Organizations such as The American Historical Society of Germans from Russia (AHSGR), the Germans from Russia Heritage Society (GRHS), the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection (GRHC) have physical copies of some of the sources noted in this list. Other university and local libraries may also have some of the sources. Consult WorldCat for availability of the materials in libraries near you.


Areas of Origin

“Families of Alsatian Origin” [table],

—— in [HeightM], pp. 107-119.

Giesinger, Adam. “The Germans who migrated to Russia via Poland,”

—— in [AHSGR-J], 4/3, 1981, pp. 31-39.

Height, Joseph S. “Die elsässische Auswanderung nach Russland,”

—— in [Heimatbuch], 1967-68, pp. 106-111.

Stumpp, Karl. Ostwanderung der Württemberger, Summary, Tables 1-24 and Table on pp. 132-204 – 4 files compiled by Dale Wahl. [The Stumpp Tables are extracted from material in the Georg Leibbrandt book of the same title],

—— on the website [Odessa3]:

Stumpp, Karl. "Weiterwanderung deutscher Kolonisten aus Ungarn (Batschka) und dem Banat nach Südrussland in den Jahren 1804-1816,"

—— in [Südostdeutsches Archiv], 1976-77, (19-20), 70-85.

Lists of Colonies in Russia

[List of mother colony groups, 1763-1822],

—— in [Stach], p. 24-25.

“Übersichtstabelle’ [Overview Table for Settlement Areas, giving population and land in Hektars],

—— in [Hummel], p. 38.

Bauer, Armand. “Place Names of German Colonies in Russia and the Rumanian Dobrudja,”

—— in [Sallet], pp. 130-183.

[Lists and maps of colonies],

—— in [Giesinger], pp. 80-138.

Places, [an alphabetical listing of German-Russian settlements in Russia with cross-referenced names],

—— in [Mertens], pp. 211-753.

Renz, Curt. “An Index of [Armand Bauer’s list of] German, Russian and Rumanian Villages, found in Russian-German Settlements in the United States, by Richard Sallet,”

—— in [Renz-List].

[List of Harmonies of Separatists],

—— in [HeightM], p. 45.

"German Russian Village List," (a.k.a., "The Long List"

—— on the website [Odessa3]:

—— on the website [BSGR]: (updated 2019)

St. Petersburg

“Verzeichnis der Mutterkolonien bei Petersburg (Leningrad),”

—— in [StumppKE], p. 66.

Black Sea Area

Giesinger, Adam. "Villages in Which Our Forefathers Lived: Germans From Hungary in the Odessa Colonies,"

—— in [AHSGR-J], 3/1, 1980, pp. 6-10.

Height, Joseph S. "German-Russian Passport Records of 1808 and 1809: An Explication of Their Historical Significance,"

—— in [GRHS-HR], 17, 1977, 4- 10.

“Verzeichnis der deutschen Kolonien im Schwarzmeergebiet” [listed by Provinces or Regions],

—— in [Hummel], pp. 78-124

Stumpp, Karl. “Verzeichnis der deutschen Siedlungen im Gebiet Odessa,”

—— in [Heimatbuch],1956, pp. 182-193.

“Verzeichnis der Mutterkolonien (Primärsiedlungen) im Schwarzmeergebiet,” [Table of the Mother Colonies (Primary Settlements) in the Black Sea Region],

—— in [StumppKE], pp. 85-99.

I Bessarabien, pp. 85-87 [Bessarabia]

II Odessa, früher Cherson, pp. 88-91 [Odessa, earlier Cherson].

Schwedenkolonien, p. 91 [Swedish Colonies].

Belowesch, p. 91.

III Jekaterinoslaw (now Dniepropetrowsk), pp. 92-94.

IV Taurien (now Saparoschje), pp. 95-97.

V Berdjansk, p. 98.

VI Krim, p. 98 [Crimea].

VII Süd-Kauksus, p. 99 [South Caucasus].

VIII Steusiedlungen, p. 99 [Scattered Colonies].

“German Colonies in the Black Sea Region – Kherson Government,”

—— in [Sallet], pp.132-134

“German Colonies in the Black Sea Region – Jekaterinoslav Government,” [now Saparoschje]

—— in [Sallet], pp. 135-138.

“German Colonies in the Black Sea Region – Taurien,” [Caucasus]

—— in [Sallet], pp. 139-140

“German Colonies in the Black Sea Region – Krim (Crimea),”

—— in [Sallet], pp. 141-143.

“German Colonies in the Black Sea Region – Charkov Government,”

—— in [Sallet], p. 144.

“German Colonies in the Black Sea Region – Don District,”

—— in [Sallet], pp. 145-146.

“List of Former German Communities in Bessarabia,”

—— in [Sallet], pp. 180-183.

“Statistical Table of the Colonies of South Russia and Bessarabia,” [including Jewish and Bulgarian Colonies, primarily Mother colonies],

—— in [Keller], vol. 1, pp. 30-36.

"The Mother Colonies of ‘New Russia’ est. in the period 1804-1825,”

—— in [HeightH], p. 11.

—— in [HeightM], p. 18.

—— in [HeightP], p. 5.

Stumpp, Karl. "The New Russian Names of the German Colonies in the Regions of Odessa," transl. by Joseph S. Height.

—— in [GRHS-HR], 17, April 1977, 29-30.


“Verzeichnis der deutschen Kolonien in Transkaukasien,”

—— in [Hummel], pp.150-151.

“German Settlements in the South Kaukasus,”

—— in [Sallet], pp. 178-179.

Dobrudscha Area

“Villages in the Dobrudscha with German Families in 1940,”

—— in [Sallet], p. 171.

Volga Area

“Verzeichnis der Wolgadeutschen Mutterkolonien,”

—— in [StumppKE], pp. 67-77.

“Verzeichnis der deutschen Kolonien im Wolgagebiet,”

—— in [Hummel], pp. 56-61.

“List of Volga colonies,”

—— on the website [GRD]: (archived link)

“German Settlements in the Volga Region,”

—— in [Sallet], pp. 147-161.

"Settlements Along the Volga,"

—— on the website [VolgaGermans]:

Volhynia Region

“German Settlements in Ukrainian Volhynia,”

—— in [Sallet], pp. 162-169.

“Cities in Volhynia with German Residents,”

—— in [Sallet], p. 170.


Giesinger, Adam. “Daughter Colonies in Asiatic Russia,”

—— in [AHSGR-J], 5/3, 1982, pp. 35-44.

Giesinger, Adam. “German Villages in the Omsk Region of Siberia,”

—— in [AHSGR-J], 5/4, 1982, pp. 25-28.

Daughter Colonies

“Daughter Colonies in the Beresan Area,”

—— in [HeightP], p. 243.

“Daughter Colonies in the Kutschurgan Area,”

—— in [HeightP], p. 242.

German Settlements in the North Caucasus,”

—— in [Sallet], pp. 172-177

“Lutheran Evangelical Daughter-colonies in the Odessa Area” [table],

—— in [HeightH], p. 320.

“Die wichtigsten Tochterkolonien des Glückstal Gebietes” [Table - The most important daughter colonies of the Glückstal District],

—— in [Mack], p. 122.


“Table of Catholic Parishes near Odessa in 1820, when the Jesuits were expelled,”

—— in [Keller], Vol 1, pp. 65-66.

“Statistical Survey of Lutheran Colonies Near Odessa” [to 1859, table],

—— in [HeightH], p. 147

“Statistical Survey of Population Increase [of Lutheran Colonies] 1859-1943,”

—— in [HeightH], p. 329

First/Pioneer Settler Lists

Alphabetical index by Elli Wise of the immigrants to Russia, 1762-1862, – extracted from the original 1961 German-language edition of [StumppKE],

—— on the website [Odessa3]:


—— in [HeightH], pp. 79-80.


—— in [HeightM], p. 255.

—— in [Bosch], p. 141.

Balzer/Volga Bergseite,

—— in [Plum], pp. 102-105.


—— in [HeightH], p. 86.

—— in [Mack], pp. 98-100.


—— in [HeightP], p. 69.


—— in [Keller], vol. 1, pp. 203-204.

—— in [HeightP], p. 22.


—— in [HeightH], p. 82.


—— in [HeightH], pp. 83-84.

—— in [Mack], pp. 63-67.

Güldendorf [founded in 1850 by settlers from Stuttgart, Walterloo & Friedrichstal],

—— in [Stach], pp. 161-166.


—— in [HeightH], pp. 91, 96.


—— in [HeightH], pp 77-79.


—— in [HeightH], 90-91.


—— in [HeightH], pp. 89-90.

Josephstal on the Baraboi,

—— in [Keller], vol. 1, pp. 170-172.

—— in [HeightP], p. 20.


—— in [HeightP], pp. 67-68.

Kandel, Revisionlist, 1816

—— in [Bosch], pp. 248-264.

Kandel list of residents drafter into the German Wehrmacht, 1943-44,

—— in [Bosch], pp. 176-178.


—— in [Keller], vol.2, pp.170-183.

—— in [HeightP], p. 82.


—— in [HeightH], p. 87.

—— in [Mack], pp.113-116.


—— in [Keller], vol. 2, pp. 208-216.

—— in [HeightP], p. 84.


—— in [Keller], vol. 1, pp. 129-131.

—— in [HeightP], p. 19.


—— in [HeightM], p. 246.

[Kutschurgan villagers killed by the Bolsheviks on 4 August 1919 – list]

—— in [Bosch], pp. 110-112

[Kutschurgan villagers banned as Kulaks, 1928-1932 - list]

—— in [Bosch], pp. 118-120.

[Kutschurgan villagers arrested and taken away, 1937-1939 – list],

—— in [Bosch], pp. 133-136.


—— in [Keller], vol. 2, pp. 23-44.

—— in [HeightP], pp. 78-79.


—— in [HeightH], pp. 81-82.


—— in [HeightP], pp. 69-70.


—— in [Keller], vol. 1, pp. 192-194.

—— in [HeightP], p. 21.


—— in [Keller] vol. 2, pp. 263-267.

—— in [HeightP], p. 85.


—— in [HeightH], pp. 80-81.


—— in [HeightH], p. 85.

—— in [Mack], pp. 80-82.


—— in [HeightH], p. 83.


—— in [Keller], vol. 2, pp. 233-241.

—— in [HeightP], p. 83.


—— in [HeightH], pp. 87-88.


—— in [HeightM], p. 246.


—— in [HeightP], pp. 65-66.


—— in [Keller], vol. 2, pp. 91-109.

—— in [HeightP], pp. 79-80.


—— in [HeightP], p. 70.


—— in [Keller], vol. 2, pp. 126-136.

—— in [HeightP], p. 83.


—— in [HeightH], p. 90.


—— in [HeightH], pp. 88-89.

North America & South America

[Table citing the number of German, Russian and Hebrew immigrants from Russia to the U.S. from 1901-1913],

—— in [Plum], p. 313

Bauer, Armand & Elaine. “Settlements of Germans from Russia in Dakota,”

—— in [GRHS-WP], Work Paper No. 3, revised. 1972, 1-3.

Bischoff, G. August. “A 1909 Report on Russian-German Settlements in Southern Dakota,”

—— in [Bischoff-1909].

Brulotte, Frieda Eichler & Louise Elton Potter. Germans From Russia in the Yakima Valley Prior to 1940.

—— in [Brulotte].

[A discussion of settlements in North and South America from 1870, and maps of settlement areas,]

—— in [Giesinger], pp. 347-374.

Giesinger, Adam. “Germans From Russia in Western Canada,”

—— in [AHSGR-W], no. 7, 1971, 37-42.

“From Kutschurgan to Saskatchewan: Alsatian Pioneers on the Prairie,”

—— in [HeightM], pp. 275-355.

Peters, Victor. “German-Russians on the Canadian Prairie,” transl. by Claudia Müller. [originally published as “Russlanddeutsche in der kanadischen Prärie,” in Dei Deutschen in der UdSSR – einst und Jetzt, Globus Spezial, Berlin: Verein für das Deutschtum im Ausland, [n.d], pp. 191-92],

—— on the website [GRHC]: (archived link)

Rath, George. Black Sea Germans in the Dakotas,

—— in [Rath]

Sallet, F. W. "Contributions toward a History of the German-Russian Settlements in North America collected by F. W. S. for the Dakota Freie Presse, Aberdeen, July 8, 1909, Part 2, translated by La Vern J. Rippley,

—— in [GRHS-HR], no, 12, December 1975, 30-40.

Sallet, F. W. "Contributions toward a History of the German-Russian Settlements in North America (continued) —— collected by F. W. S. for the Dakota Freie Presse (Oct. 21, 1909), translated by La Vern Rippley,

—— in [GRHS-HR], no. 17, April 1977, 11-14.

Sallet, F. W. Russian-German Settlements in the United States,

—— in [Sallet]

Stupnik, Cynthia Anne Frank. Steppes to Neu Odessa: Germans from Russia Who Settled in Odessa Township, Dakota Territory, 1872-1876.

—— in [Stupnik]


—— in [HeightM], p. 304.

By Homer Rudolf, 2009

Edited and updated by Sandy Schilling Payne, 2022


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